May 11, 2021

Can Children and Young Adults Receive SSD or SSI?

Disabled children are eligible only for SSI.  For a child to receive SSI, the parents of a disabled child must have less income in their household than the SSA guidelines allow.  If the income is too high, then the child will not receive SSI even if they are clearly disabled.  As mentioned above, SSI is a welfare program and has strict income guidelines.  Those income rules change annually and are based on how many other minors live in the household.  An attorney can help you understand the rules and how they will affect your child’s case.

Young adults may also receive SSD or SSI depending on which program they are eligible for based on how long they have worked and paid into the system.  It is harder to win a younger individuals case because a claimant has to show that they are not able to do any sort of work.  This does not mean that a younger individual cannot win their cases – but for those people, it is almost necessary to have an attorney to help you prepare for your case.